Serving our customers since 2005.

VTC’s headquarters are located in Ocala, Florida. It is also here where the company’s primary SMI operations facility is housed. Additionally, VTC operates in nine states across the country.

VTC was originally established in 2005. Its founders, all with extensive experience in the supply chain management and industrial distribution industry, focused their energies on providing meticulous attention to detail in the areas of on-time performance, order accuracy, and level of service. Their goal was straight forward: deliver the product the customer needed, to the location where it was needed, at the precise time it was needed.

It didn't take long for VTC to earn the reputation of being a competent, reliable, and trustworthy company - one that delivered on what it promised, time after time.

Today, VTC has forged strong strategic partnerships with several prominent aerospace business organizations, including Lockheed Martin, The Boeing Company, Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems

Industry peers have taken note of VTC's accomplishments. The company has received several awards for designing and implementing innovative supply chain models that have helped its customers increase their operational efficiencies and reduce expenses. 

f35 and hellfire missle